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LITAGG-SPM: Lightweight Premixed Sand Free Premixed Mortar

  Litagg-SPM : Sand Free Premix  (Drymix)  Mortars LITAGG-SPM : Sand free Premixed Lightweight Mortar  LITAGG SPM  , A Dry mix mortar is newly introduced advance technology widely used in construction industry  Convenience for applications  for all small to large construction projects.  Importantly labor and its cost can be minimized and also overall quality can be achieved along with speed in construction by the use of dry mix mortar. Dry mix mortar manufactured has one of the biggest advantages that wastage of sand which is one of the major content of dry mix can be avoided in order to sustain Indian construction industry which is facing problem of availability of sand.  T he Indian engineers, builder and contractors community to use dry mix mortar to fulfill the needs of construction industry of executing the work speedily and in quality manner. Litagg SPM  is supplied adding lightweight composites for wide application as :                                      Lightweight Waterpro
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Artificial Low Density (LDA) light weight Aggregates

LDA -Sintered Flyash lightweight aggregates  Lightweight Aggregates (akin low density aggregate) is a generic name of a group of aggregates for structural concrete, mortar, or plaster that weighs less than usual rock aggregates including natural sand, gravel, and crushed stones. At an earlier stage, lightweight aggregates were mainly from natural origin, mostly volcanic pumice, etc. It is production  begins with mining or quarrying the raw material and with the development of mining machinery and technology, they can be manufactured from the natural raw materials like expanded clay, shale, slate(expanded about twice the original volume of the raw material) as well as from the by-products such as fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc. However, the natural pumice, vermiculite, and perlite can also be used as substitutes. The expanded raw material(excluding pumice) has properties similar to natural aggregate, but is less dense and therefore yields a lighter concrete product. Str

PORROC lightweight aggregates for concrete tiles

PORROC PORROC-LIGHTWEIGHT CLAY BEADS  PORROC-LIGHTWEIGHT CLAY ANGULAR BEADS  Porroc is the latest development by LITAGG INDUSTRIES  , a lightweight aggregates with unique performance properties and a wide   range of applications. Utilizing high-quality raw materials and latest process technologies Porroc can be optimized for very low water absorption. Porroc is a multifunctional   lightweight beads/ aggregate with bulk densities starting from 500-700 kg/m3   for quality building materials and industrial products. ADVANTAGES Weight Reduction Low Water Absorption Thermal insulation ,  Sound absorption Easy to cut and fasten APPLICATIONS Thermal insulation fill /leveling filling / loose filling / cement bonded fills /resin bonded fills / walls tiles / cluster stone / GRC cladding panels / Roofing / Decorative stamp  concrete / Landscaping , and wide rang of use.  PROPERTIES Material Expanded porous mineral Shape                  

SINTAGG-Sintered Fly Ash Light Weight Aggregates

Sintagg-FLY ASH LIGHT WEIGHT AGGREGATES   Size : 4/8mm , 8-16mm  Sintagg- FlyAsh based lightweight (Low Density )aggregate by sintering process, can be  as a substitute for normal crushed stone aggregate, in making of concrete for structural and other applications.  The focus is empowering environment by making productive use of mounting stocks of fly ash – a nuisance by-product of thermal power plants.   Fly ash based Light Weight Concrete floor    Aggregates are used as a filler material in the production of concrete products such as blocks and floor panels in order to provide volume and hardness. In addition to some potential benefits to the concrete itself,  the use of fly ash as a lightweight aggregate in place of natural aggregate offers a wealth of benefits both economically and environmentally. Flyash based prefabricated steel structure Low Density Aggregate (LDA) It could be from natural sources or of manufactured variety having Bulk Density o

Waterproofing roof with lightweight aggregates

LIGHTWEIGHT COOL ROOF INSULATION CUM WATERPROOFING An alternative to Brickbats / Integral type Waterproofing over roof / terraces   Cool Roof / Terraces   by definition is the covering on the uppermost part of a building structure  but significance of cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more solar radiations and absorb less heat than a standard roof A cool roof protects the building and its contents from the rain / heat /earth quake effects of all climate  primarily in India against rains, heat ,cold, .   The characteristics of a cool roof are dependent upon the purpose / climatic zones  of the building that it covers, the available roofing materials and the local traditions of construction and wider concepts of architects designs and practice and , may also be governed by local or national laws ( still yet to amend)  T he conclusion :   Designing   for any cool roof specially for hea

Lightweight Concrete Wall Panels

PRECAST LIGHTWEIGHT WALL PANELS  THE CHARACTERISTICS OF LITAGG LIGHTWEIGHT AGGREGATE/CONCRETE  The structure of LITAGG lightweight concrete is similar to the normal concrete, mixing with LITAGG sand (or light sand), cement and water. With proper and sufficient vibration, low air content exist within LITAGG lightweight concrete and this can also against the corrosion of steel reinforcement. Suitable additives can be added into LITAGG aggregate concrete to get respective properties . LITAGG aggregates are the type of clay which are expanded at extremely high temperature, a outer hard layer and inner spongy structure made weighting range  350-800 kg/m3, low dense to  stone aggregate but with high compressive strength. Clay is produced at extremely high temperature and can be the texture of pottery, is neural, durable. Even at high temperature, it will not depart from each other and not evolve toxic gases such that it is good for the production of construction aggregates.

Structural lightweight concrete

LOW DENSITY STRUCTURAL CONCRETE  sintagg lightweight aggregates PHOTO : precast light weight panels aggregates           Litagg-Lightweight aggregates intended for use in structural concrete design   in which prime considerations are reducing the density and thermal insulation of concrete   while maintaining the compressive strength of the concrete Two general types of lightweight aggregates are  available : Litagg aggregates prepared by expanding, pelletizing  or sintering products  1. LECA (expanded clay aggregates/pelletes )  2. SINTAGG ( Flyash based aggregates/pellets )  and  Litagg aggregates prepared by processing natural materials, such as nodullar, perlite , vermiculite , pumice . Litagg  aggregates are  composed majorly of lightweight-cellular and granular inorganic material. Litagg Lightweight aggregates are  tested, and does not contains excessive amounts of deleterious substances; and conforms  to the specified values of organic impurities